Game Review: EvoLand 1 (GoG)

Title EvoLand 1 Platform: Steam / Windows Available on OS: Windows Genre:retro, rpg, action rpgGame number:1 of 50 or so GoG games Summary review:Graphics: Purposefully spanning multiple eras. Always appropriate for the setting.Music: Similar to graphics in its purpose, not memorable however.Controls: No complaints with controlling the characterReplayability: I'm not sure I can recommend playing … Continue reading Game Review: EvoLand 1 (GoG)

Quick and easy speed up Windows tip

This isn't definitive or complete or even necessarily long lasting. Just a quick effortless way I've found to help out the speed or snappiness of Windows without needing to install anything or local admin access. The "universal" way will work on Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8.x and 10. On your keyboard, you would use the … Continue reading Quick and easy speed up Windows tip